Mbrebes Mili was raised from the needs of the owner, Dini Windu Asih, who decided to become a housewife after working for national and international companies, when she had her first child after waiting 3 years and wanted to fully breastfeed and accompany her child's growth and development directly. . With her husband.

Dini really wants to give the best to her little family, not just attention, education and love, of course nutrition is also an important key to family continuity and harmony.

Born of Javanese blood to both parents, Dini was used to eating brebes onions in her mother's cooking and her father's favorite fried onions which were delicious as gado (snacks) or when sprinkled on top of her mother's cooking. Yes, from the Brebes area of Central Java, my mother's hometown which is famous for its shallots which have a very strong onion aroma and its salted eggs.

It turned out that it wasn't easy for Dini to get fried onions as delicious as her mother's, pure ones made without a mixture of flour and she often fought over snacks with her two older siblings when she was little, while she was present. Fragrant, savory and delicious fried onions can add to the deliciousness of the dish and arouse the tastes of the members.

Armed with a strong desire to serve dishes that family members always look forward to, Dini started the Mbrebes Mili fried onion business with her Brebes Shallots. Thank God, it became more focused and sought after by many people, finally Dini invited her husband to take part in developing this small business so that in the future it could provide broad benefits to the surrounding area and of course Indonesia.

Interesting facts about Mbrebes Mili, starting from the selection of raw materials using local products, the color of the packaging is also made in such a way as to make it easier for consumers both at home and abroad that this product is an original Indonesian product with its red color. and white.

Mbrebes Mili is here as a solution to delicious food and of course practical cooking so that lovers of delicious food don't need to bother anymore, let alone cry because they have to peel onions which make their eyes hurt and cry. Mbrebes Mili... .. that's it, use Mbrebes Mili which makes food even more delicious.